Monday, February 27, 2006

Arctic Wish List

In late June, early July, Katie, Erin, Libby & Benjamin (and Maipo, the husky) will begin the trek from Minneapolis, MN to Inuvik, NWT. Once there, four of us will travel 1000 by canoe for 45 days along the length of the Anderson River and return to the town of Inuvik, 200 miles to the west, via the Beaufort Sea and the Great Husky Lakes.

As you might imagine, an expedition of this nature requires not only months of logitistical planning, committment, and excitement... but also the funds to transport our team from Minneapolis to Inuvik and from Inuvik to the headwaters of the Anderson River.

Wish List

Transportation: This is the biggy...we've considered driving, so if you know anybody with an RV for rent, let us know!
  • Travel from Minneapolis to Inuvik: $2000 per person
  • Travel from Inuvik to Coleville Lake: $5000 total bush-flight costs
  • Travel from Coleville Lake all the way back to Inuvik: $600/canoe rental...we need two
Food: Mmmm...just add water...we love dehydrated everythings!
  • Food will probably run us about $20/day total and while we intend to fish the great Arctic Char, the foods that will keep our energy up are high-protein bars like PowerBars and lots and lots of chocolate :)
Gear: We've requested gear sponsorships from a number of well-known and lesser-known gear companies, never know!
  • Key items
    • Canoes: Seeking two 17" whitewater worthy canoes to carry us safely through the Arctic Wilderness on a river to the Beaufort Sea.
    • Tents: Seeking two two-three-person four-season super-hearty tents...preferably The North Face's VE25 :)
    • Sleeping Bags: Both Benjamin and Katie are in dire need of 15 degree down bags
Ok...If you would be interested in helping to make this journey a reality, please check out our Sponsorships & Donations blog post for additional information.

Thanks for your consideration!