Sunday, November 12, 2006

11/12/06 (Day 61) Site Visit: Musho, Ancash

What a week it was! Benj and I headed off on a crazy bus into the mountains in Ancash to meet our town where we'll be living for the next two years. Just 7.2 km off the main hwy and about an hour and a half from the capital city of Huaraz, Musho is a small town of just over 600 families and 1800 people, more or less.

This is a photo of the family with whom we stayed during our visit. Their landrover used to be the town's ambulance :)

This is a photo of Lib and Benj outside the Health Post where Libby will surely spend a bunch of her time during the next two years. The view up the hill shows the central plaza and the steep hill behind is the base of Huascaran!

We showered here using a hose and water warmed on the wood stove...

This is our host mom for the week and her 11 year old daughter in front of their stove.

This is Benj in front of the Catholic Church in Musho's Plaza!