Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day 288: Everybody needs to get goofy sometimes...

Have we mentioned recently that we miss you? And when we miss you we sometimes just get a little silly, lost in memories if you will...

Photos (top to bottom and left to right):
  • Inca Kola - If you are not familiar with this bright yellow, bubblegum-esque soda option, you are cordially invited to Peru to try it out.
  • Libby in the kitchen - Here I am in our little kitchen, posing with our strainer on my head. The outfit I am wearing is one of my most common, jeans and tee-shirts are my favorite base layer, over which I usually always wear my 'pollera' (or big colorful skirt, see photo bottom left), and in place of the strainer- my sombrero (please see photos below featuring Benjamin in my hat.)
  • Benjamin - If you know him, then you will probably be familiar with the goofy self-portrait series for which he is famous.
  • Benjamin at his radio program - Giving a shout out to his family on 99.5 Sabor Mix, Musho
  • Libby eating a small delicious banana - no explanation necessary.
  • Benjamin - Self-portrait take 2.
  • Benjamin and Libby - Self-portrait of the amazing duo, walking down the streets of Musho.
  • Benjamin - Self-portrait take 3.
  • Libby - Portrait taken by Benjamin of Libby with small delicious banana as moustache before consuming said banana (see center photo)