Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 585: Big Party Celebrating the End of Our Stove Project

Benjamin and Libby presenting the certificates to the 38 participants before the band started to play!
Palmas for Pilar Blas! This young woman, 16 years old, is an up and coming Huayno singer native to the caserio of Pariantana. She agreed to sing for our party!

A photo taken from the roof of Ana's house, here one group of beneficiaries is finishing up the final details on the lunch meal the day of the party.

Here we are! 2 stars if you can find Libby and Benjamin!

We had a grand finale with the community Pariantana of Musho to celebrate the end of a six month Healthy Homes project. We helped 38 local families install improved wood-burning stoves, guinea pig cages, and cupboards.