Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 675: CARE Comes to Visit...

Today 2 representatives from CARE Peru came to Musho to visit with the beneficiaries of our newest Healthy Homes and Improved Stove Project. About 100 of the 130 members of the group showed up at just before 10am, excited to understand the process that is organizing a community project and asking for over $10,000 from an international NGO. At the assembly meeting the CARE representatives asked the group a number of questions about their project, praised them for their unity and hard work, and urged them to "seguir adelante."

Then we headed up to Pariantana to visit 7 of the healthy families and their improved stoves. CARE helped to finance buckets with taps for the families to store their boiled drinking water.
Here we are in one of the kitchens... note the natural light entering through the piece of transparent roofing.