Monday, February 27, 2006

Thank you for your support!!!

To those of you who have already so graciously offered your support for our arctic expedition. Thank you...from the bottom of our hearts. We could not do this without you!


Granite Gear: for giving us dealer prices and two waterproof portage Immersion packs, which we will put to test on trail and provide feedback to the company.
Mariani Packing Company: for providing delicious dried fruit and yogurt covered treats.
Mitchell Paddles: For your gift of whitewater & flatwater paddles.
Pelican: for your generous gift of a variety of watertight protective cases for our cameras, GPS, & binoculars.
Smith Optics: for donating the best in protective eyewear to our expedition!
Wigwam: for donating multiple pairs of warm socks to maintain warmth and dry feet in the Arctic Circle.

We also wish to thank:

Cascade Designs: for offering us discounted prices on Thermarest, MSR, Platypus and SealLine products.Chota: for providing prodeals on the best in paddling gloves and boots.
Icebreaker: for offering discounted merino wool clothing.
PakBoat: for a generous discount on two innovative folding 17-foot canoes with spray skirts for ocean travel and reinforced keels and knee pads for whitewater action.
The Original Bug Shirt: for offering special prices on premier bug protection.
Friends and family:
Ann Bancroft: (Arctic/Antarctic Explorer), for your gift of written sponsorship and inspiration to explore remote places.

The Herman family: for unending support and a wonderful monetary contribution to our journey.

The Wellington family: or your willingness to share a few equipment items that have already proven themselves artic worthy…

The Bixby/Kane household for the constant home and allowing us to convert the basement into a Trail Building full of gear. Also thank you for the vehicle that will transport us on our 7,000 mile roundtrip journey.

Shayna Skolnik & Ramón Ramirez Liñan for their technical expertise in creating this website.
The Skolnik clan for all the love, logistical support, not to mention the sleeping bag and waterproof camera.

Greg and Carol Skolnik for the gift of music on trail, a backpacker guitar!

Mae Bixby and Mike Grace for packing us out Widji TB style, especially the Shezuan GORP and roadtrip tunes.

Penny and Ricky Jolson for the delicious granola.

Jenelle Charbonneau and Shaun Hastings for getting the ball rolling. We missed you out there.

Thank you.