Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 128: Reflecting on Summer School

We have proudly named our summer school program Club Huacarán, hoping that the children of Musho will associate the soaring grandeur of their protector peak with our brief, but ambitious curriculum. Along with three local teachers, hired by the NGO World Vision, we have been busy teaching 180 excited kids, ages 5 - 16. In fact, we have had so much interest from the community that hopefully will get two more teachers. The teachers focus on math and writing with the youngst kids, while Libby and I work on English, computer, geography, and organic gardening. We spend almost no time in the classroom, preferring to play dynamic games with the kids. Hey, it is summer break!! Below is a picture of one of the kids stamping his finger on the ´rules of the game´as they have come to be called. We are trying to combat some basic behavior issues, such as arriving late. For example, students receive stars for arriving early or on time.