Friday, December 29, 2006

Day 108: Feliz Año Nuevo y Happy Holidays

The passage of another holiday season and new year are upon us, and we feel so far away from our loved ones!!! We passed Hanukah and Chrismtas in Musho. Libby was feverish from consuming lamb stew (although she had taken out the shankbone of meat). Benjamin dressed up as Papa Noel for a big party with children. The major custom is to stay up until midnight for Christ´s birth and celebrate by eating hot chocolate and hunks of fruitcake, called panetón. We plan to pass the new year in Musho as well so that we can get to know the people and their traditions better. Apparently, they build puppets with old clothing (the more the better) and burn them for good fortune in the coming year. We were also just informed of the yellow underwear tradition. That is, new underwear, not the ones I´ve been wearing for the past four days.

Hope you all are brilliant and enthused for the possibilities of another year of Life and lovin´.

b & L