Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day 85: Top 8 tidbits of our Life in Musho

1. When the moon's full and the sky's clear we can see Huascarán rising into the starry darkness, her snowcaps glowing in the moonlight.

2. We sleep in a bug net over our mattress on the floor - just to feel like we're in a separate room.

3. To go down the stairs from our room you have to start with your right food in order to be able to make the turn without sqeezing both feet onto one small step.

4. I've now grown used to ducking my head in a swooping motion at the entrance to our room to avaid crashing into the top of our doorway.

5. I am asked at least once a day, but usually more like 5 or 6 times a day what kind of financial contribution we'll be making in the town of Musho.

6. Gladiolas, iris, blackberries, and capuli, lemons, apples & passion fruit all grow along the pathways we walk each day.

7. Women here just knit. The don't use pattern books.

8. I officially think baby pigs (piglets) are cute.