Monday, November 27, 2006

Day 76: Our arrival in Musho - Nidito Azul

"Tonight I wished I were an artist that could successfully capture a nighttime scene in black and white and grayscale. Because the sun was setting when we finally departed Huaraz for Musho, three of us, Benjamin, Nancy (my counterpart), and me, watched the sun dip away to the west, sinking behind the cordillera negra, rain clouds simultaneously swelling throughout the valley.
In the left over light from the truck's headlamps all things green glistened in the moisture that hung in the air. As we approached Musho, the ride got bumpier, and I began to recognize some of the areas wher we will certainly be working - ApaGrande, Piscuy, and finally Musho. Marked by the three story house belonging to Sonia Morales, the famous Huaino singer who hails from Musho, and a mountaineering sign welcoming climbers of Huascarán and other visitors to the National Park. We soon passed the fútbol cancha (soccer field) and the empty health post. The sillohuettes of the mountains deceivingly rose and disappeared into the darkening horizon, their soft edges made more magical by the white clouds drifting along." Libby

"I love that everything is my size. The small colchos that we purchased today fits almost exactly head to toe. I hit my head on the door jam if I don´t bow my neck. The chairs and desk are squat, the ceiling low, with an exposed bulb glowing bright at forehead height. The next two years will be comfortable from this perch, this room painted blue, our little blue nest - nidito azul. There is electricity and wqter and desague for a toilet. The floor is wooden planks as is the blacony with an iron railing. From our doorway we can see Huascarán on a clear day. Now it is rainy season. Our arrival in the evening precluded us from the mountain view. We will have time." Benjamin