Saturday, November 25, 2006

Day 74: Remembering Jake

"We learned this afternoon, in an email from Vera entitled 'Jake,' that Maipo's (our husky) best friend in Greenbelt died on Saturday following an emergency surgery for a diagnosis called 'bloat.'

Jake was an energetic, more than friendly, buddy to us over the past two yeras. He spent hours, days, and a couple of weeks playing with Maipo - a friendship that began the week Benj and I were married in MN, August of 2004. Thanks to Vera, Herb, & Susie (and Liz when home from med school) Jake and Maipo endlessly tired each other out, romping in the Reed's backyard, yearning to go on walks together - both getting excited at the mention of the other's name.

We referred to Jake as Maipo's boyfriend, and even started to buy Maipo's food and leave it at the Reed's because she so enjoyed sharing a meal under the competition of another dog - her Jake. We will miss Jake dearly - he was a very important part of our last two years.

He will be missed. Our hugs are with you..." Libby