Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 187: Our first Baptism in Musho

Today, Benjamin and I rose early, dressed up, and walked up the muddy path to the house of our new friends, Betty and Raul, where we had been invited to join them for breakfast. Early in our stay in Musho, these parents invited us to be the 'god parents' for their three children -- Inez, Jeynson, and Bianca. This role involves purchasing the clothes for the children's special day, signing a piece of paper for the priest and ideally being a role model for the kids. Sometimes this role can also mean taking the children back to the States with us when we leave and paying for the remainder of their secondary and university education. We were certain to make sure that the family understands that we will not take the children back to the States, but we will try hard to play a special role while we are here in their community!

As it turns out, we were unable to baptize all three children because the Priest requires the parents to be married in the eyes of God, not merely living together. The day was long and involved, but fun. The kids were really excited to get all dressed up and after the ceremony we headed back up the hill to their house where we ate food until our bellies were unhealthily distended on potatoes, rice, and pasta!