Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 407: Gringos Saludables

Check out these photos in the link below to see us in action as members of Gringos Saludables, a theater group made up of the Peace Corps Volunteers in Ancash. After deciding what theme we want to work on, we usually write a script (or use an existing script), design our costumes and have a practice session. During the practice session we read through the script, rehearse the actions a few times, and design a dance for the end of the show. We always make sure that we are teaching something, and that we do a 'check for learning' at the end of the performance.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 398: Top Ten Vacation Highlights from Europe

view of Pena Palace from the surrounding gardens

We recently took a luxurious break from our PC service to travel in southern Portugal and Spain with the immediate Skolnik family. It was fantastic to catch up with everyone: Steve, Lola, Ramon, Shayna, Kevin and Sabina. Kev came all the way from Mozambique where he, too, is a PC volunteer (check out the link for his blog on the right-hand column of this page). We celebrated the end of our first year of service together, chatting at length about the similarities and differences of our experiences - contrasting Latin America and, and somehow Europe was an easy midway point. Sabina is a blast and speaking spanish like a Sevillana, where she currently resides. My family is spread across the globe, but we are still close as can be.

Top ten tasty tidbits:

10 - Delicious Olives
9 - Cork oak trees (don't buy wine without real cork; it helps sustain a unique agricultural, ecological landscape which supports many birds and animals)
8 - Portuguese bread and any and all cheeses
7 - Hackisack sessions any and everywhere (with integration)
6 - Seville's gazpacho (and Ramon's homemade)
5 - Columpios (swings) with niece Sabina
4 - Views from atop Castle walls that contain cute whitewashed towns atop hills
3 - Random, inventive music sessions with my bro
2 - Morning jogs in the Alentejo countryside
1 - Family meals (yes, food was a main theme of the vaca)!