Monday, February 27, 2006

Food...We gotta eat, eh?

Mmmmm...anybody have any great meal ideas?
If so, email us at

We will carry all of our food with us for the entirety of the 45 days on the Anderson River. At one food pack per week-on-trail...this means 5 or 6 70+ pound packs dedicated to just food! Ideally we'll plan our meals in 15 day loops, allowing us to create 15 specialty meals...and then do it again, in triplicate!

Trail Lunch, typical
GORP (Good ol' raisins and peanuts)
Energy Bar (aka Voyageur Bars...)
Peanut Butter
Cheese (how long until it goes bad?)
Crackers...of the hearty, whole grain variety
Dried Fruit
Bug juice (coolaid...for sugar replenishments)
For Maipo, the husky: Dogfood
** We will eat the same TL each day, for 45 days.
And then never again for the rest of our lives.**

Dinner Ideas
Fish (fried, breaded, with rice, with pasta, salty, sweet...will we ever get sick of it?)
Gado Gado (a spicy peanut Thai dish)
Alpine Spaghetti (pasta, parm, spinach)
Mac n' Cheese
Stir Fry w/ rice (that's right...dehydrated veggies)
For Maipo, the husky: Dogfood (or left over fish...)
** More to come **

Breakfast Ideas
*Note: We intend to break camp in record speed. :) This is a group goal.*
Cinnamon Rolls
Grapenuts & pudding
For Maipo, the husky: Dogfood (or left over oatmeal...)
** More to come **