Monday, June 26, 2006

6/26/06: We're off!!!

Friends and family -

With just under a year of planning, we are off to the Arctic. We have but 3700 miles to drive and a short float plane ride before we can put the canoes in the water. Do not worry; we have an unbelievable amount of food packed (see a few pre-departure photos on the website This is not just a honeymoon, but the trip of a lifetime and we want to thank all of you fantastic individuals for supporting our adventures.

We will be cancelling cell phones, have limited email, and will only be in contact via snail mail from the Arctic. Please send letters and urgent world news (like who won the World Cup!) to:

General Delivery
c/o No Falling Expeditions
Inuvik, NT XOE OTO
Hold Until August 15th

We can't wait to share stories at the end of the summer. Tales from the Trail are scheduled for August 29th, 7pm, at the Bloomington REI in MN, and September 7th, 7pm, at the College Park REI, MD. Save the date!

We love you all,

Benjamin and Libby