Sunday, September 17, 2006

9/17/06 (Day 5): Our host family!

"Carmen and her daughter Melissa picked us up from the training center in Santa Eulalia this afternoon, and took us 15 minutes by taxi back to their home on Avenida San Martin. The surrounding hills were more visible today, as the neblina had risen, illuminating dry, rocky, steep slopes. Carmen's husband (of almost 20 years) greeted us at the front door to help us carry everything upstairs to the living quarters. Downstairs they have a 'mini-sala' with couches and a TV. The entire family sleeps on the 2nd level. Benjamin and I have a comfortable rrom complete with a desk, 2 dressers, a bookshelf, and a bedside table. It felt great to unpack our bags a bit and move in... this is our first 'home' since leaving Greenbelt at the end of May. Carmen and Fidel share the master bedroom, while Melissa (19), Jon Carlo (17) and the abuelita (61) share the third bedroom. Carmen is determined to introduce us to platos tipicos that include meat. I've pretty much decided that I'd like to give it a try, bit by bit. Meals are such a part of life that I don't need my diet to be a part of anyone's stress.

We had an evening visit with Tia Maria that included much laughter, beer and popcorn. I thought of you mom! Everyone was so nice and welcoming, but we were glad to have been granted a nap upon arrival to prepare our brains for the visit. So much spanish, so quick, is exhausting...some days will surely be better than others :)"