Friday, September 22, 2006

9/22/06 (Day 10): Mosquitos & Hamburger

"I just introduced Melissa, our host siter, and Carmen, our host mom, to the card game SET. Katie and Erin would be proud. :)

We had to evacuate the house this evening around 8pm because the Ministry of Health came to fumigage against Bartonella-carrying mosquitos. A couple of days ago a man who had visited Sta. Eulalia in July died of Bartonella complications and the entire community is doing everything they can to ensure their safety against these mosquitos. Apparently it's a hard disease to get and really nothing to worry about, but like antying local and glorious it's been all over the news. Regardless, we are wearing pants and long sleeves and bug repellent.

Carmen made us hamburger rolled up in a fried mashed potato with rice and over-cooked brocolli for lunch. I know it was well thought out on her end, we did say 'bit-by-bit' we would start to eat meat after all. So why not give us a couple of tablespoons of well-ground pig meat? I ate around the meat... but Benj just ate away. Our tummies hurt afterwards. Benj made a delicious stir-fry tonight with veggies and soy meat. The whole family was impressed, it tasted great, and didn't involve meat. Carmen even said it tasted like meat. Ah, cultural sharing."