Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day 207: Hiking in Akillpo for Semana Santa

Our first vacation! We headed up into the gorge above the small town of Honkopampa (seen in the photo below), climbing from 3450 meters above sea level to 4700 meters! The weather was wonderful our first day and became rainier by the moment over the next three days.

In the photo below we are taking a water break in the old growth Polylepus (paper tree) forest. Please take a good look at Benjamin's large rice and potato belly. :)

This is the valley that we hiked up, looking back the way we came! Amazing view!

Keeping to tradition, a couple of handstands by the beautiful Akillpo Lake.

Catching our breath at 4700 meters!

Hardcore, immodest wife of mine dipping in the glacial-melt waters of Akillpo. Yeehaw! Check out her rice and potato thighs.